Our fruit

Located within the ‘Garden of Eden’ of the Ionian Coast of Metaponto, our groves produce fruits that ripen early while developing a range and depth of flavours. The farm is renowned for its use of sustainable agricultural methods, and our pears, peaches, apricots, plums, and lemons are distributed throughout Italy.

Our oil

Our olive oil is produced from Coratina, Leccino, Frantoio, Cima di Melfi and Ogliarola del Bradano olive cultivars, all of which are grown on the Battifarano farm.

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Our crusco peppers

In the farmlands of Nova Siri, Basilicata we cultivate ‘Red Gold’. This highly prized, thin-skinned sweet pepper is the result of the selective breeding of ancient varieties grown in the Sinni valley. Ripened in the sun until their colour turns from green to different shades of red, they are picked by hand, hung in garlands called serte, and left to dry in the warm summer wind. An ancient tradition, this slow process conserves the flavour and quality of the peppers while making their skin crispy (hence the name ‘crusco’, which means ‘crunchy’ in local dialect).

After removing the core and seeds, the peppers can be fried for a few seconds in boiling oil, salted and served. They are also traditionally ground and used as a spice to sweeten dishes and to enrich the flavour of traditional Lucanian salami.