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All our wines are produced and bottled in our farm winery. We do not buy any grapes or grape must, nor do we bottle any wines whose history is unknown to us.

Torre Bollita

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When you start drinking this wine you will smell the absorbing scent of ripe red fruits and then feel on your palate the full-bodied grapes from South-oriented luxuriant vineyards. A ruby red wine: the fascinating result of a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Primitivo and Merlot grapes. It reminds of the strength of the Aragonese garrisons for whom the tower “Torre Bollita” was built in the 16th century in order to defend the local population living along the Ionian sea coast. Today it is located within the Battifarano farm winery.

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Le Paglie

Fruity aromas are released in the glass creating an amazing harmony. The bright yellow colour and the green nuances remind of the rediscovered life of the plots and vineyards, which had turned into swamps for centuries after experiencing a glorious past of millennial agricultural use. With the reclamation of the area called “Paglie di Battifarano”, completed in the ‘50s, these sea-facing lands were brought back to the good old times. Today they produce full-bodied Greco grapes that are full of personality.

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Akratos Rosso

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Spices of the Mediterranean woodlands and extracts of red fruits create the full scent of this well-structured red wine produced with Primitivo grapes, traditionally used for the grape harvest feast. It’s a symposium wine, almost a ceremonial wine: àkratos oinos, as the ancient Greeks and the Oenotrians (who lived in this area where the Battifarano family has been working for centuries) used to call it. A pure, refined wine, that could only be drunk by the powerful God Dionysus in ancient times, whereas the ordinary people could drink it mixed with water

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Akratos Rosè

Flowers and fresh fruit for a bright and full-bodied rosé wine produced with Primitivo grapes, which undergo maceration for at least 24 hours. Primitivo grapes were the first grapes to be harvested in Southern Italy and their harvest traditionally started the grape harvest feast. Akratos Rosato is a fresh and persistent wine for celebrations, whose name reminds of the pure oinos, with no water added, which was offered to the God Dionysus by the ancient Greeks who left important traces in the Battifarano farm winery.

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Toccacielo Bianco

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Fruity notes of banana and Golden Delicious apple can be recognised at a first glance in the straw yellow colour. A Chardonnay wine with a full flavour that reminds of the warm summers of Southern Italy and the fresh stream “Toccacielo” that flows through the vineyards of the Battifarano farm winery into the Ionian sea. The name “Toccacielo”, literally translated as “touch the sky”, suggests a full-bodied wine with a high alcohol content, that is perfectly enjoyed with the Italian cuisine.

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Toccacielo Rosso

Strong vinous aromas for a tannic wine with an  intense and bright ruby red colour. The Merlot vineyards of the Battifarano farm winery, extended over South-oriented clayey-loamy soils, guarantee a full-bodied wine with a high alcohol content, that is perfectly combined with the Italian cuisine. “Toccacielo” is the name of the stream that flows through the area and suggests a very good wine.

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Sacro Dono


A sweet, smooth, original and natural raisin wine with aromas of black pepper and coffee and notes of red fruits. Sacro Dono is made by drying Pinot Nero grapes on the vine and cutting off the shoot, with a very low yield per hectare. It is a well-structured wine, full-flavoured from the beginning and with elegant and harmonious tannins on the finish.

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This wine is named after the river that flows through the Battifarano farm winery, usually called “Toccaculo” (literally “touching the bottom”) in ancient maps, since women used to lift up their skirts in order to cross the river and they were therefore “touched” by it. It is a full-bodied and genuine wine with strong aromas from the lands close to the river. The grapes are the result of an experiment carried out with ancient vines and clones that have been selected for many years.

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Our Curaffanni wine is the result of the selection of the best grapes from our farm winery. After an accurate fermentation, the wine is aged for 24 months in small French oak barrels for a fine and high quality wine. It is a meditation wine for relieving the stress of a long working day.

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Lunaria, our grappas

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The white grappa and the barrique grappa “Lunaria” are the result of an artisanal distillation in copper stills with the traditional discontinuous steam distillation method. Their full flavor comes from the use of the best pomace of our Greco grapes.

lunaria grappa