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The Battifarano farm winery has been owned by our family for more than five centuries of land cultivation. First for self-sufficiency, then as a farm winery to tell the millenarian history of Enotria through our wines. We have always put education and knowledge sharing, for all men and women, at the very heart of our values, together with agriculture. In this way, nothing has been lost over the five hundred years spent reaping the fruits of a very generous land.

Our Land

Thanks to two generations of agronomists, we have scientifically examined our soil and its features to select the most suitable crops and minimise any use of fertilisers and plant protection products. Our wines and the rest of our products don’t have any flavour other than those going from the roots to the plant.

The Terroir

Cerrolongo  has an area of 70 hectares and is located on a plateau at 60 metres above sea level. The soil composition ranges from clay (50%), silt (20%) and sand (30%), rich in fine gravel (4-5%), well drained and gently sloping.

The lands of Torre Bollita extend on 12 hectares downstream from the inhabited centre of Nova Siri Marina. The area is named after the 16th century Aragonese tower, which belongs to the farm. The soil is mostly made up of clay (55%) and sand (45%), with non-homogeneous fine gravel (~5%).

Santa Lania has a surface area of 18 hectares extending along the border with Calabria region. The soil is mostly made up of clay (50%), silt (30%) and sand (20%), with a significant percentage of fine gravel (10%) and a sloping gradient of 7-8%.

From our land to our farm

The Battifarano’s estate was turned into a farm business in the 1930s. Earlier there was a farm named “Masseria”, used for subsistence farming and to trade the goods and services used by our farm’s microcosm: our family, the day labourers and the coworkers.

But, with agricultural modernisation and the emergence of mass production, subsistence farming was not possible anymore, and the farm had to become a business. In the ancient farm, a fascinating and surreal coexistence started between the ancient master’s house, the rural houses and the warehouse, with technology and wicker baskets, ancient manuscripts of the 16th century and rain boots. A combination of history and everyday life that makes our farm winery unique, still today.

Our people

Don Vincenzo, the head of our family.

Francesco – The new generation.